Valve Repairs

Even after nearly 2 decades of mass production, manufactures are still struggling with the valve assembly and their customers are the ones suffering. Should you own a  wing that rapidly deflated without any impact or loud bang you probably can blame a de-laminated valve. It is easy to repair but does take a bit of time.
Older wings tend to suffer from UV damaged valves that are brittle and start breaking. The available after market valves do work well and usually can be installed rather quickly.

Unfortunately for both instances there is a golden rule: If one goes, the other ones usually follow. We will check for you before the repair and let you know.

Here are the two repair methods:

Re-glue De-laminated Valves

As long as your de-laminated valve is not damaged the method of re-gluing is very effective, keeps your wing original but unfortunately is quite time intensive. We are using a heat resistant PU adhesive that is water resistant and will never fail even with the wing permanently stored in your hot car.




Replacement Valves

Damaged valves must be replaced with aftermarket valves. Since we had problems with self-adhesive stick-on valves we stopped using them and now only adhere the valves with our long-lasting glue. We have several different styles in stock and try to match them with the original ones. All valve repairs are guaranteed for the life of your wing.