Line Service

Kite Line Repair

We are equipped with the materials and tools to repair any lines on your kite. Snapped a flying line, ripped a bridle, destroyed a pulley or pulley line? We probably can repair the damage quickly and cost effectively and have you back on the water within days. Our service includes but is not only limited to the following topics:

  • Splice loops
  • Sew loops
  • Repair flying lines
  • Shorten flying lines
  • Repair bridle lines
  • Produce replacement bridle lines
  • Produce safety and some chicken loop lines
  • Replace pulleys and sliders

Not sure if your kite line is repairable? Please send us some pictures of the broken lines, ripped bridle attachment, shredded pulley line, etc. and we will get back to you with a quotation.

Unfortunately flying lines are a different story and we would need to examine them closely before we can decide if a repair makes sense and can be done. Assuming the line ripped due to a knot or damage, a repair usually makes sense. Was the failure caused by old age it is probably best to get a new set.