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Kite surfing also known as kite boarding or kite foiling started back in the late 1990 and took off around the world like brush fire. Our full service wing repair centre offers repair solutions for all problems you might encounter during one of your sessions. Ripped canopy, blown struts, punctures or bladder explosions are part of the game and unavoidable if you are learning or ripping hard in the waves.


Due to performance requirements the design is light weight and uses mainly Darcon and ripstop fabric. Unfortunately, sharp objects such as shells, branches and hard impacts can damage the the kites quite easily. If undetected sudden leading edge or strut blowouts can happen at anytime and either leave you swimming or missing out on a session.

All kites are constructed using three different stitching methods. Straight, zigzag and 3 step zigzag. Any good kite repair service center will be able to match the manufactures’ construction in order to guarantee a long lasting repair. Our loft is equipped with three different industrial sewing machines, purposely designed and built for the following stitching applications:
Straight Stitch
Our walking foot straight stitch machine is the perfect tool for closing seams. However, due to its heavy duty nature it is also used for harness, board bag, canvas and boat cover repairs to only name a few.
3 Step Zigzag
The 3 step zigzag is the preferred sewing technique for almost all kite seam constructions due to its wide needle hole spacing. We are able to adjust the width and forward feed and will match the original seam of your kite.
The zigzag stitch pattern is used by some manufactures for limited applications. We will match the construction technique during the repair. However, the main application for zigzag in the kite industry you will find in spliced loops of flying lines, bridles and most other line constructions.

Is there any kite damage that can not be repaired?

The answer is yes and no. After approximately 220 sessions the kite will reach its life expectancy. The material coatings are broken down and the fabric lost its form stability and strength. Repairs still can be done but we would advise against them.

We can repair pretty much anything and you will be pleased with the outcome. Unfortunately, due to a limited access to the manufacturers’ fabrics, color matching is always a challenge. Still, we try our best and consult with you before the repair if nothing close is available.