Wing Foil Canopy Repair

Wing Canopy Repair

Our repair centre offers several options for wing canopy repairs. Most wings suffer damage by either the board’s foil or sharp objects on the beach such as branches or shells. The damages are usually small and the repairs are quite inexpensive.  Our biggest challenge is colour matching. All wing manufacturers custom order their canopy fabric and pick different colours every year. To make matters worse all fabrics fade in the sun and even OEM fabric will not match.  We have a variety of colours available and try our hardest to come up with a canopy repair that will blend in.

Most wing canopy damages can be repaired by applying ripstop tape on both sides after lining up the fibres with the help of our backlit table.  Secured with our 3-step sailmaker sewing machine the repair is as strong as the original fabric and will outlast your wing’s life expectancy. For larger canopy damages we usually replace the fabric by applying a new ripstop fabric section. Like the manufacturer, we use a high-quality transfer tape and our  3-step zigzag sailmaker machine to secure the seam. 

Should your wing suffered some canopy damage and you are unsure how we would approach the repair, please feel free to send us some pics and we are more than happy to help.