Aluula Repair

OEM Aluula Material

Aluula Kite and Wing Repair

We are fully equipped to repair any wings or kites using Aluula material on the leading edge or struts. Following the manufactures’ repair instruction we imported 3M F9469PC transfer tape and OEM Aluula material.

Most wings or kites suffer damages by either the board’s foil or sharp objects on the beach such as branches or shells. The damages are usually small. However, should the strut explode, you end up with large rips and tears. Unfortunately,  Aluula repairs are more time intensive and complicated compared to regular Dacron. The closing seams consist out of several folded and glued layers  and must be opened for any repair.  Using a special ripstop tape the damaged area is first glued together with the help of back lighting. Once taped, we apply the OEM Aluula fabric to the outside with transfer tape covering the damaged area generously.  Depending on the location we then secure the patch with either our 3 step zig zag or straight stitch sewing machine.  The repair is a strong as the original kite or wing and should not fail.

Usually our biggest challenge with regular Dacron struts is colour matching. However, with only the gold colour available we only have an issue with fading, and Aluula does fade quite a bit in area with high UV,

As a rule of thumb, all damages even if they look tremendous can be repaired. Should your wing or kite  suffered a major blowout and you are unsure if it can be repaired, please feel free to send us some pics and we are more than happy to give you a quotation based on the pictures.