Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also repair harnesses, board bags, or other items that need sewing?

Yes we do. Our sewing machine are heavy duty and do not care what they repair. Most ripped items can be repaired quite cost effectively and will last many more years before they finally need to be retired. Send us some pics and we will give you a quotation.

How to prepare the gear before shipping?

Please rinse all gear with fresh water and dry it as best as you can.  Our sewing machines don’t like sand and salt and repair tape does not stick to salty surfaces. Should you be unable to wash it, we will need to charge you a small fee.
Please include your name, phone number, return address and e-mail! You won’t believe how many customers forget this important information. If you can use a box for protection. However, a good kite bag also works really well.

Please include a detailed description of all the problems or repairs you would like us to perform. Highlight small damages either with a tape or mark them on a sketch. 

What shipping address should I use?

Please send all items to:

63a Brookfield Tce
Tauranga, 3110
Phone: 021 111 2639

How long will it take until I have my gear back?
We try our best to return all gear withing a few days. However, some repairs, especially bladder repairs, can take longer since we need to keep the kite inflated for at least 6 hours. We also need to rinse and dry all gear before we can perform any repairs in order to protect our sewing machines and guarantee good adhesive of the tapes. So please send you gear clean and you will get it back quicker.
How much will it cost?

We charge by the hour and it is difficult to give a quotation before we actually see the damage.
Please use the prices below as a rough guide only.

  • Straight canopy rip from trailing edge to leading edge: $70-$90
  • Small canopy rip: $30-$50
  • Canopy ripped off leading edge: $40-$80
  • Leading edge blow out including bladder repair: $150-$180
  • Strut blow out including bladder repair: $90-$150
  • Leading edge cuts: $40-$60
  • Bladder with heat seal equipment for large blow outs: $50-$80
  • Rebuild bridle attachment: $50-$90
  • Repair delaminated valve: $35-$50
Not sure if your kite can be repaired?
We can repair anything. However, sometimes the materials are worn out and do not justify the repair cost. We most definitely will contact you should this be the case before the repair.
Can I get a quotation before the repair?
Of course. In most cases we can quote the repair cost based on a few pictures. So please snap some pics of the damage and e-mail them to us. We are also more than happy to take a close look and provide you with a quotation free of charge.
Return postage and shipping time?
We are using Fastway for all return shipments. The guys are fast, safe and affordable.

  • North Island (not rural) 1 day shipping time, $15 cost for 1-2 kites, $7 for small item such as bar.
  • South Island (not rural) 2-3 days shipping time, $23 cost for 1-2 kites, $7 for small items
Fabric and color match?
We are very good matching the fabric. However, due to a limited access to the manufactures’ fabrics color matching is always a challenge. We try our best and consult with you before the repair if nothing close is available.
We trust the New Zealand kite boarders and in order to get you out on the water quicker return all repaired items with an invoice in the box. Once you got your gear transfer the funds owed into our account.