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Wing surfing also known as wing foiling or kite winging is taking off around the world like brush fire. Our full service wing repair centre offers repair solutions for all problems you might encounter during one of your sessions. Ripped canopy, blown struts, loose handles, punctures or bladder explosions are part of the game and unavoidable if you are learning or ripping hard in the waves.


All kite wings are very similar to kites used for kitesurfing and are manufactured by the same brands in the same factories. Due to the required easy handling their design is light weight and uses the same fabrics as kitesurf kites. Unfortunately, sharp objects such as shells, branches or most importantly your foil can damage the wing fabrics quite easily. If undetected sudden leading edge or strut blowouts can happen at anytime and either leave you swimming or missing out on a session.

Is there any wing damage that can not be repaired

The answer is yes and no. After approximately 250 session the wing reached its life expectancy. The material coatings are broken down and the fabric lost its form stability and strength. Repairs still can be done but we would advise against them.

Other than than, we can repair anything and you will be pleased with the outcome. Unfortunately due to a limited access to the manufactures’ fabrics color matching is always a challenge but we try our best and consult with you before the repair if nothing close is available.