Wing Handle Repair

Wing Handle Repair Options

Just ripped your wing handles off?  We are here to stitch them back on.  Let’s face it, your wing handles are taking all the force, especially during pumping, jumping or the dreaded wave washing machine action. Most manufactures reinforce the handle attachment areas adequately using heavy-duty thread but failures are common and more frequent with older wings, heavier riders or intensive use.

When repairing wing handles we almost always must partially remove the canopy and open the strut closing seam. This allows us to gain access to the internal reinforcement patches. Once a wing handle attachment seam let go, we always add additional internal reinforcements since only stitching it back would add considerably more holes and substantially weaken the area.

In addition to ripped off handles we find material breakdown in the area around the handles and the closing seams. If unattended this usually ends up in a totally unexpected strut and bladder blowout. If detected early, we apply internal reinforcements in order to prevent the Dacron to let go.

Should your wing show some handle attachment weaknesses and you are unsure how we would approach the repair, please feel free to send us some pics and we are more than happy to help.